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Develop your team at any time with intelligent tools. No cameraman needed. Professionalize your game with the coaching tool.

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Tag the most important actions of your games and name individual scenes to keep track of them at all times. With a variety of tools, you can create dynamic coaching videos that add immediate value to your games. Available in real time, your coach can discuss the most important scenes during halftime. You can use the analysis for individual coaching sessions or do it together with the team. Everywhere, on any device. The special 180(degree) nature of the additional coaching feed, allows you to take control of the camera (live or delayed) and even focus on areas away from the main action.

Cloud-based and safe_

All your trainings and games are stored in the cloud. You have easy and fast access to your coaching sessions from any place and at any time. All data is stored on European servers. We take data protection very seriously and follow the strict regulations of the GDPR.

Easy to share_

Share your individualized clips via WhatsApp, email or other messengers and address your players remotely. Access the recordings from any location and develop your players further. You can also download recordings or share them with scouts and analysts.

‘Great step for the professionalization of the coaches. The coaching tool is extremely important for the 2nd Women's Bundesliga. Coaches can analyze the games with the team like the professionals. This saves money and time.’

Martina Voss-Tecklenburg - Women's national coach

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