Staige Plus_

Make Money With Your Camera_

Create new revenue streams for the club by using various sponsorship tools or a paywall.


New opportunities for your sponsors_

Offer your existing sponsors various online banners – in addition to banner advertising on the court. Attract new sponsors through digital media advertising and outreach. You can use various digital advertising formats such as in-stream banners. Use our advertising interface to conveniently integrate banners and realize real-time advertising.


Easy and comfortable: Put your games behind a paywall_.

You decide which games are put behind a payment barrier and how much your fans should pay – the rest happens automatically. We take care of the payment system, the optimal availability and the customer support – you concentrate fully on the successful game.

Easily manage settings with the intuitive „Backstaige“ tool_

You can easily and comfortably add sponsors, update your banners or activate the paywall function for individual games with the manager tool “Backstaige”. You have direct access to all functions and decide yourself how much advertising should be switched and which games are behind a paywall.

All clubs, all sports_

The functions of Staige Plus work equally well for one sport as for several. The features help small clubs and support larger ones. Does your club have different sponsors for different sports? Do you want to install a paywall for basketball games and show volleyball for free? Staige Plus gives you full control at all times!

Low cost, high efficiency_

The K2 and K2M automatic camera systems have manageable monthly costs. Staige Plus is always included with a camera system. The sponsoring and paywall functions can help refinance the camera and generate additional income for the club. With the comfortable Backstaige tool you have all settings in view and can decide yourself which functions are needed.

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