More Than Just A Camera_

Our automatic camera system K2, once installed, is perpetually at your side rain or shine. A single device provides limitless opportunities for viewing sports and athletic spectacles of every stripe. With advanced analytic tools, professionally broadcast matches and the like throughout the world.

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No effort, all automated

Many options_

Analysis, make money and more

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Once installed, never worry again

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Safety first

Your benefits_

One Camera – Numerous

Once Installed, Rest Assured All is Well_

Staige: Your full-service provider. We create a marvelous streaming experience, freeing your time and energy for enhancing the team.

  • Easy and swift installation

  • One source for everything

Your Data: Absolutely Secure_

We take the security of your data with the utmost seriousness and will partner with you to ensure that your streams are GDPR compliant. All data is stored exclusively on European servers upholding strict standards. Our software is constantly upgraded. K2 is superbly protected.

Staige Plus

Camera K2 – A
Lucrative Acquisition

The camera offers you integrated functions to generate club revenue. With Staige Plus Sponsoring, herald your sponsors and their advertisements directly in your streams. More: Provide them with novel advertising options, and gain new sponsors. Staige Plus Paywall enables you to place a paywall in front of selected matches. Indeed, the Camera K2 ultimately finances itself and thereafter yields additional income.

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Analyze Your Games_

A broad spectrum of cutting-edge analytic tools arms your coaches to optimize team performance. All games and practices recorded can be edited quickly and with precision. Welcome the ideal solution for pre-match preparation and post-match assessment.

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A Professional Broadcast_

Transmit broadcasts of your own making with full-throated passion. Feel free to embed the stream on your own site – provide your own play-by-play and color commentary, and augment it with chat function for exchanges with fans. Games are recorded in Full-HD and streamed in real time. Our crucial innovation: Camera-K2 brings Champion League level quality without the camera crew.

Made in Germany Equipment and Expertise_

  • All-in-One Camera Technology
  • One-Stop Software and Hardware
  • Panoramic – One-Hundred-Eighty-Degree – View for Coaching
  • Simple, Permanent Installation
  • Weatherproof and Tamper Resistant

‘By broadcasting the most popular sports with a fully automatic camera, RTL Luxembourg maintains its position as the country's largest television broadcaster.’

Pascal Casel – Business Platform & Diversification Director at RTL Luxemburg

FAQ about the camera K2

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