The German Ice Hockey Federation streams and analyzes national teams at the federation’s headquarters in Füssen with Staige

The German Ice Hockey Federation has around 100 clubs and 21,000 members. At the Federal Base in Füssen, ice hockey tournaments are held regularly in addition to the training sessions of the national teams. In order to make the games of the junior and women’s national teams accessible to a wider public and to give the coaches a professional tool to analyze situations even more specifically, the German Ice Hockey Federation has installed a camera from Staige. Enthusiastically, Karl Schwarzenbrunner, national coach for science and education, tells us: “Analysis existed before, but now we don’t have to put anyone behind the camera for it anymore and, on top of that, we also get training pictures.”

DEB players targeted for improvement with analysis tools

For the future, the DEB has been looking for a flexible solution that will not only be used at its training base in Füssen, but also in all ice stadiums around the world. “With Staige, our coaches are flexible all over the world,” Schwarzenbrunner explains. “If we want to do analysis at the training base, we use Staige’s permanently installed system in the arena; for all other stadiums, our coaches can take the company’s mobile camera anywhere in a suitcase, set it up and get started right away.” For the DEB, this opens up completely new possibilities in the area of streaming and analysis. “For the players, this is an exciting renewal,” affirms Thomas Schädler, national coach of the German women’s national ice hockey team. “We regularly analyze training sessions or games together and the girls naturally have many questions about specific scenes. We can discuss mistakes, highlight special game scenes and thus constantly improve with the corresponding footage.”

From anywhere, anyplace

The mobile camera K2M from Staige helps the coaches when they are on the road with the team all over the world. “Whether we play in Germany, Sweden, Russia or the USA, we can set up the mobile version simply and quickly, and I can present the first images to the players during the session. This is what professionalization of training operations in ice hockey looks like,” says Schwarzenbrunner. In addition, the games of all teams can be streamed on demand on the platforms of staige.tv and the DEB, so that fans and relatives can watch live from anywhere.

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