Health insurance AOK Lower Saxony digitizes nine sports clubs with Staige

Under the name Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse (AOK), there are currently eleven legally independent health insurance funds in Germany, with which a total of more than 27.1 million people, i.e. around one third of the German population, are insured. The AOK Lower Saxony, which is headquartered in Hanover, has around 2.67 million insured persons and is primarily involved in issues such as sports and voluntary work in the state.


The AOK Lower Saxony was looking for an exciting and innovative project partner to actively support sports clubs in the region. In addition, the project should positively contribute to the image of AOK and the clubs and offer financial added value, for example through a long-term sponsorship option.


Multifunctional and flexible: These values are shared by both the AOK Lower Saxony and the Staige company with innovative products for the digitalization of associations. In intensive cooperation, individual solutions were found for AOK Lower Saxony. Nine selected clubs in Lower Saxony are supported by the AOK and equipped with a system, which automatically broadcasts matches and meets the requirements of the AOK. Digital perimeter advertising, AOK graphics before and after the stream and in the highlights, and other placement options for messages – it’s not just the club that gets added value.

Sales manager Christian Böwer is enthusiastic

For Christian Böwer, Sales Manager of the AOK Lower Saxony in Osnabrück, the cooperation with Staige is a real milestone: “Both for sports clubs and for the AOK, the cooperation with Staige is highly interesting. We have put start-up funding into the project to enable special clubs in our region to be able to use the versatile camera system,” explains Böwer. “So we act as a ‘digital enabler’ for the clubs, who don’t have to pay anything for the system. In return, we can place our advertising messages prominently at all the matches of nine clubs from Lower Saxony, which are extremely active, especially in the area of social media. We’re talking about a system that works without any other human help, with artificial intelligence alone, and has top quality – that’s fascinating.”

High quality game analysis with the Coaching Tool

In addition to the camera system, which brings live broadcasts of games, clubs get a coaching tool. This helps coaches develop their players. For the AOK, this is an additional factor in driving digitization forward together with Staige. After all, this will help the players and teams in the region to improve even more, and in the long term the coaches will have an advantage over clubs that are not yet willing or able to digitize. The coaching tool as the convincing added value for the club was also confirmed to us by Christian Böwer: “During the information event for the clubs, the managers were mainly interested in the coaching tool.”

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