Ladies from Borussia Dortmund use camera from Staige

Since September 2021, a women’s team has been lacing up its shoes at Borussia Dortmund – a first for the German team. Club, fans, players and players are very proud of this step. For the district league debut, 1625 spectators came to the Rote Erde stadium to watch the first competitive women’s game in the club’s history from BVB. The match was won 8-0 against BV Brambauer Lünen and Staige broadcast the premiere – with 4000 spectators in front of the screens who watched the resounding victory live.

Analysis for training and games

Staige has the honor of digitally accompanying the women of Borussia Dortmund from the very first second. Already during the first training sessions, there were many exciting conversations with Svenja Schlenker, head of the women’s soccer department at BVB, in order to put together an individual, digital package for the team. The Full-HD camera system from Staige is installed at the BVB women’s training ground as well as at the Rote Erde stadium, where competitive matches take place on weekends. Coach Thomas Sulewski thus always has the opportunity to analyze all situations from training sessions and matches and to point out mistakes or special scenes afterwards. Svenja Schlenker tells enthusiastically: “For the girls it is very special that all games can be seen live. But of course it’s by far nicer that they can see all their goals again in the aftermath and share them with their friends.”

Mobile camera in action

In addition, the women of Borussia Dortmund even have the mobile camera from Staige, which can be transported in a suitcase and flexibly set up and used at any location. For the BVB women in the training camp, as well as at test or away games a great added value: “For our coach Thomas Sulewski it is very valuable to be able to use video footage from the away games. But it’s much more important for us to be able to offer fans and interested parties a match broadcast from there as well,” explains Svenja Schlenker.

Staige shoots documentary about women of Borussia Dortmund

For BVB, the plan for its women’s team is clear: “We want to move up, that’s our common goal,” says team captain Lisa Klemann. Staige digitally accompanies the women of Borussia Dortmund every minute and even shoots a high-quality documentary about the first year of the club’s history of Borussia’s women’s soccer department. One team – one digital complete package.

BVB also uses the technology in other teams

At the Bundesliga club in Dortmund, not only the newly formed women’s team around coach Thomas Sulewski benefits from a camera that combines coaching and streaming functions. The home games of the U17s and U19s are also streamed live on staige.tv – completely free of charge. In addition, BVB legend Lars Ricken emphasizes: “It’s added value for our fans and for all those interested in youth soccer.

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