The Düsseldorf EG (DEG) promotes its young talent with Staige

The traditional club from Düsseldorf plays in the highest league, the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) and is one of its founding members. The DEG has been German champion eight times and is the only club in history to have won the German championship four times in a row (1990-1993). To further promote the club’s excellent youth work, the DEG has invested in a camera system from Staige. The cameras automatically record the games and follow the action all by themselves, thanks to artificial intelligence. No camera crew is required, the system handles everything on its own.

Artificial intelligence for ice hockey

Most camera systems are designed for the world’s most popular sport, soccer. For the DEG, it was important to find a system that also met the demands of ice hockey. The playing field is different, the goals are smaller, you play with a puck instead of a ball and the game itself is much faster. Axel Pfannenmüller, Vice President of the DEG: “The artificial intelligence of Staige was and still is impressive, and such an amazing system is fun to use”.

Video analysis to improve players

All recorded games can be analyzed directly after the end of the game thanks to Staige’s integrated coaching tool. “The video analysis helps the players improve individually,” says Thorsten van Leyen, coach at the DEG. “It is a big improvement for in game tactics as well as in individual tactics. I think that German ice hockey benefits from this system,” the coach added afterwards. Video analysis can show the players that their perception on the ice does not always match reality.

More flexibility thanks to Staige

Recording training sessions is another important part of the players’ further development. With Staige’s mobile camera system, the DEG will be able to record every game or training session, no matter where, or at what time. Even tournaments or training sessions where the ice is split are no problem for the camera system. This flexible solution contributes to the professionalization and promotion of ice hockey in Germany.

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